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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TSM Works with 4.3

As I've talked about previously, there were some pretty major changes this patch. I was almost successful in fixing all the bugs before the servers came back up, but alas I missed a few things which caused various errors as well as introduced a brand new error with an unrelated change I had made.

After all the "chaos" that is patch day, I'm pretty confident that any bugs introduced with patch 4.3 have now been fixed. If you are still experiencing issues, see the following thread.


Thanks for your patience. Happy patch day.


PS: Fun fact, the main TradeSkillMaster module by itself had over 15k downloads today as of me writing this.


  1. The downloads could be due to Auctioneer not updated yet. Hopefully many of the users will stay :)

  2. I have installed tradeskillmaster and installed tradeskillmaster_destroying - what I cant figure out is how to get destroying to work. its set to normal speed. i plan on using it with gathering ores (mining) from what I have read i need to write a macro to get it to gather faster... however no pointers on how to do this. help please!


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