Any development news for TSM will be posted here! Posts will contain things like recently added features, announcements for new beta versions, what is coming in the near future, as well as general TSM-related news / commentary.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking for Tip Submissions

So, in the latest alpha version of the main TSM addon, I added a feature that will display tips in the status bar whenever it's not being used for any other purpose (such as Auctioning telling you that you entered something incorrectly). I put in a few tips that I could think of but I'd like to get ideas from you all as well.

The general idea for these tips are to point out things in TSM that may not be immediately obvious. For example, the two tips in the alpha version are: "If the Craft Management Window is too big, you can scale it down in the Crafting options." and "Crafting can make Auctioning groups for you! Just click on a profession icon, a category, and then the 'Create Auctioning Groups' button."

Use this form to enter your tips!

In other news, I did do a bit of work on Shopping and Crafting this morning. The big thing added was the ability to change how the queuing section (top left) of the craft management window is sorted. You can simply click on the title (ie "Profit", "Name", etc) to sort by that column (click again to reverse the sort order). I also added a % column along with the profit column that shows the percent profit. You can turn this off in the options if you so desire.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Copy of All Posts from Wiki

March 27

I just released new beta versions of the following modules: TradeSkillMaster (main), AuctionDB, Auctioning, Crafting, Shopping. There are a ton of changes since the previous beta versions of Auctioning / Crafting / Shopping so check them out! I do put effort into the changelogs (which can be viewed either on curse or inside the addon folder on your computer) so check them out for a complete list of changes.


March 24

So yesterday I put up a guide for the new Auctioning importing / exporting feature. The big new thing today was a solid step forward for the Crafting module. Any tradeskill that previously didn't show up in the Crafting module will now be added to the "Other" group. Now, you should be able to use Crafting for everything EXCEPT tradeskills which don't produce an item (inscription research, profession-specific enchants, etc) as I don't see much value in adding those. Things like darkmoon cards can now be crafted using Crafting but it will always show up as an unknown profit. If there is something missing still (and you're sure it's missing), please let me know asap.


March 23

It's 1am and I finally got the new importing / exporting feature for Auctioning finished (and working). I'm going to write up a little guide for using it in the morning and I'll release it then. Over the past two days I've worked on moving all the options for shopping (including dealfinding config stuff) to the new shopping options page in the main TSM window. This is available in the latest alpha version and will allow for a lot more to be added (if you have ideas for stuff to add now's the time to let me know!).

I'm very exciting about this importing / exporting feature so be sure to check out my guide when I put it up in the morning. As a teaser... http://pastey.net/147996 is my glyphs group.


March 20

Over the past few days I've had a ton of time to work on TSM and have implemented a few new features for the Crafting and Auctioning modules. I just got a new phone but if I can resist playing with it too much over the next week, I'll have a lot of time for a bunch more improvements to TSM. There may even be a new module coming out soon...

Auctioning Post/Cancel Frame Updates (r243+):
There are two new buttons here. The "Show Auctions" button will show a summary of all auctions currently posted for the item Auctioning is currently showing in the post frame. The "Change Post Price" button is hopefully self explanatory and will just show up while posting (not canceling). Just remember to hit the "OK" button in the editbox after typing in a new price. The "Save Price" button will be disabled if the price you entered is invalid. You aren't able to post / skip the current item while this window is open.

Crafting Craft Management Window Updates (r337+):
The update here will be pretty obvious when you open the craft management window. Profession icons have been added on the left side for easy switching between professions. Note that you can use the craft management window for a profession even if that character doesn't know that profession (not a new feature but a lesser-known one that could save you a lot of time).

Goals for this Week:
One of the things I've been putting off for a while that is at the top of the TODO list is a reworking of Shopping's Dealfinding feature. I have a ton of ideas on new things to add to this however the current interface is very limiting so a options page for shopping in the main TSM window would be necessary. Something else that I've been trying to push towards beta lately is the gathering part of the Gathering module (gathering mats from alts / banks / gbanks for your craft queue). This is available in the latest alpha versions but is still a bit rough and buggy so needs some attention before it goes into beta. And as I alluded to above, the Destroying is being worked on by a new TSM developer. No ETA on when this will be done but it will be sooner rather than later.