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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TSM Works with 4.3

As I've talked about previously, there were some pretty major changes this patch. I was almost successful in fixing all the bugs before the servers came back up, but alas I missed a few things which caused various errors as well as introduced a brand new error with an unrelated change I had made.

After all the "chaos" that is patch day, I'm pretty confident that any bugs introduced with patch 4.3 have now been fixed. If you are still experiencing issues, see the following thread.


Thanks for your patience. Happy patch day.


PS: Fun fact, the main TradeSkillMaster module by itself had over 15k downloads today as of me writing this.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Known Issues with TSM on PTR

So, it has been brought to my intention that Blizzard thought it would be fun to make diving by zero throw an error in 4.3. Now, you might be wondering why anybody would divide by zero in the first place. It turns out, there are many situations in which dividing by zero is useful.

Some of the situations are easy enough to fix (just use math.huge instead of 1/0), but others are not so easy. For example, everywhere I have 1/X where X is some variable, I now have to make sure X is not zero. Previously, if X were 0 I would catch later on that 1/X was too high a number, but in 4.3, this would cause an error and crash the addon so I'll have to be a lot more paranoid when doing division.

So, going through the dozens of code files to find and fix all these situations will take a while but I will try my best to have it done before 4.3. There will likely be ones that I miss so please check for updates when 4.3 goes live and let me know if you encounter any divide by zero errors (or any other errors for that matter).