Any development news for TSM will be posted here! Posts will contain things like recently added features, announcements for new beta versions, what is coming in the near future, as well as general TSM-related news / commentary.

Friday, April 29, 2011

New Beta Versions of AuctionDB, Crafting, Gathering

So, I moved the code that tracks how many of each item you have on the AH from AuctionDB to Gathering because that just plain makes more sense. Also, this allows Gathering to show auction count info in item tooltips if that option is enabled. So, make sure you update all three asap and at the same time.

AuctionDB v0.3.1Beta
Crafting v0.2.10.1Beta
Gathering v0.2.1.1Beta

Crafting 0.2.9Beta - Undermine Journal Support Added

This is just a quick post to say that I just released a new version of Crafting that includes support for getting price data from the undermine journal addon (http://theunderminejournal.com/addon.php). If you don't already use the undermine journal (and / or the addon), I'd definitely recommend you check it out. Also, this new beta of Crafting fixes a ton of bugs involving crafts not being added correctly or showing up under the wrong profession. I'm 90% sure I got them all but if you still have some crafts not being added correctly or showing up under the wrong profession, let me know.

In other news, I released a new beta version of Auctioning yesterday that fixes a lot of bugs / annoyances with the Auctioning options. For example, especially if you were using %s for your threshold/fallback, the help text above the threshold/fallback settings (and other ones too) were rarely accurate. Also, when you first right-clicked to override an option (or if an option wasn't overriden) in a group, it would show the default value and not the category value (even though it was using the category value correctly when posting / canceling). All of this has been fixed.

One thing to note is that now when you are using a percent of something for a group, the percent only will show in the editbox. The value the percent evaluates to has been moved to the help text.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heads up...

This is to let you folks know that we are planning a fairly major release coming sometime this summer. As Sapu and I are free of our previous engagements we have quite a bit more time to design and code. I'll personally be looking over all the fan input and choosing the ideas that mesh with our design philosophy the best. No other news as of yet, but hang tight, we'll try to release information as we can.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Patch 4.1 Woes

So, today 4.1 hit here in the US. I was not expecting TSM to break in any way as the only substantial change that blizzard made had to do with addons that use the hidden addon chat channel to communicate between players which TSM doesn't do at all. All I have done as of writing this is cancel my auctions, use the "Open All" from the Mailing module, and then repost my auctions. So far I haven't run into any problems with TSM.

However, I have heard of people having issues with not being able to post. This issue is a problem with Auctioneer. The short explanation of why Auctioneer is making TSM not work is that Auctioneer replaces all the AH functions with their own functions. So, if their functions break, TSM is using those broken functions and that'll cause TSM to not work. The solution here is to simply disable Auctioneer while using the Auctioning module of TSM until the developers of Auctioneer fix the issue.
I have also heard of people having issues with not being able to open mail. I could not replicate this issue. However, I don't have any other mailbox addon such as Mail Opener or Postal. If you are using Postal or MailOpener, note that TSM_Mailing will hide its "Open All" button and allow Postal / MailOpener's equivalent button to be shown so if you are having an issue it's likely with Postal / MailOpener.

If you are having any problems at all even with only TSM enabled, please let me know so it can be addressed asap either through IRC or through the official TSM forum.


PS: Make sure you check the "Load out of date addons" checkbox in the addons frame in your character selection screen. In the upcoming days, all TSM modules will be updated so that they no longer show as out of date, but for now don't lose sleep over it saying that TSM is out of date.

Friday, April 22, 2011

AuctionDB - Big New Feature

Do you miss the summary page from QA3/APM/ZA? Well, the craft queue part of it went into the Crafting module, but a lot of people used it for something else as well that has so far been missing from TSM. I'm talking about the ability to quickly lookup the prices of ore / herbs / enchanting mats / raw gems / etc. Well, that functionality is coming to TSM as a part of the AuctionDB module.

What is this new feature?
Let me give you a few screenshots and some comments on how I see this feature being useful.

Well, there it is. A few things to note:
  • The items displayed are from the AuctionDB's scan data which is not necessarily what is currently on the AH. You can see how old the data is by looking at the "last scanned" column.
  • There is some configuration in the "Options" page which you will just have to see for yourself (pretty simple and straightforward - only a few basic options).
  • You can search by name ("glyph" in this example) and / or by item type / subtype (type is "Glyph" in this example and there is no subtype filter set).
  • There is a configurable limit to how many are displayed per page (50 by default) simply because loading 10k items on a single page would easily crash your client.
  • "Seen Last Scan (Yours)" is a new piece of data that's not really new at all. It's been part of AuctionDB for a long while but has never been easily accessible by the user. As an example, next to the last glyph in the screenshot, "Glyph of Solar Beam", it says "19 (4)" ("(4)" is in gold) which means last time that glyph was scanned (22 minutes ago in this screenshot), there were 19 of that glyph on the AH and 4 of them were owned by you (current toon or one of your alts on the same account).

This search is showing all enchanting mats sorted by item level.

This search is showing all "dream emerald" cuts (and the raw gem is also included). This may be useful for figuring out what to design to buy next.

I'm looking forward to seeing how people utilize this feature and that will guide the improvements that are made to it. The above examples are just some things I had in mind while designing it but by no means limit what this feature can do or become.

When is this feature being released?
Soon. More seriously though, this feature is essentially done and working and I may release it as an alpha version by the end of the day. However, it won't be released as beta until after a new beta version of the main TSM addon is released because there is new code in the main TSM addon that this new feature of AuctionDB requires. So, this will be released as soon as possible (we're talking days not weeks).

Let me know what you think and what you're ideas for improving it are!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Lots of New Beta Versions

Just now, I release new beta versions of every module of TSM minus the main TSM addon. See the changelogs for a complete list of changes but I'll list a few things I feel are cool / useful additions.
  • Auctioning - "Smart group creation" option - This option can be found in the top "Options" page of the Auctioning options and is enabled by default. When you create a new group with this option enabled, any items in your bags who's names include the name of the group (for example "Scroll of Recall III" includes "Scroll of Recall" in its name) will be automatically added to the group. When you create the group you'll get a message in your chat log telling you that items were added (if they were).
  • Crafting - Inscription groups got updated / fixed. From a programming prespective, there were big changes here that included getting rid of the big look-up table for what group inscription crafts go into. This means, if a new glyph is added, it will go into the proper group without the addon having to be updated. Also, from a user perspective, a few new groups were added and rare inks were added to the "inks" group. The "Other" group should now be relatively small.
  • Crafting - Added a "Clear Tradeskill Filters" button that will show up when you have a filter set in your profession window (which causes some items to not show up in the craft queue).
  • Mailing - Lots of bugs were fixed and the code got a general cleaning.
  • Shopping - Disenchanting was implemented for dusts. See my post on this.
There are a lot of new things coming in the next few weeks. If all goes well, this will include a new module (Destroying) which will do milling / prospecting / disenchanting 40% faster than any addon / macro currently can by utilizing a few tricks. The tricks are nothing secret / nefarious but I can't describe them in two sentences so I will make a blog post describing these tricks when this module is released.

    Thursday, April 14, 2011

    Gathering - Big New Feature!

    I just released v0.2Beta of Gathering which includes one of what I think is the main features of TSM as a whole and the main feature of the Gathering module. Previously, all Gathering did was datastore replacement functions (keep track of what mats you have on what alts / in what guild banks / etc). However, now Gathering does something much more powerful and useful.

    This new feature is "Gathering" mats needed for your craft queue from your bank / guild bank / alts. You can access this new feature through the Gathering icon at the bottom of the main TSM window (it's green). It will create a list of tasks (ie Visit the Guild bank, log onto X, visit the mailbox) and automatically perform the item movement once you open up your mailbox / bank / guildbank. So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out and let me know what you think!


    Sunday, April 10, 2011

    Shopping - Disenchanting - Good News / Bad News

    So, the good news is that I finally put the Disenchanting feature into shopping. The bad news is, so far it only works for dusts (not essences, shards, or crystals) because that's all the person who was working on it had sent me the data for. I also realized that I'll probably need to add another dropdown just for disenchanting to select dust/essence/shard/crystal instead of just cramming every single item into the one dropdown.

    I also made a few small changes to Auctioning including fixing a few bugs such as soulbound keys showing up in the add/remove window.


    Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    General Update

    Not a whole lot of news as I've had little free time lately. I've been doing a lot of bug fixing and small changes such as adding tooltip options for Gathering and Crafting. Over the weekend I put some effort into cleaning up Mailing's code however there are still reports of lag issues when mailing a large quantity of items so that's still on my TODO list.

    I hope to have a new beta version of Crafting out soon. There are a lot of small things that I've added since the last beta that I think are nice improvements. Also, Gathering is fairly close to going into beta (with the big new feature that will "gather" mats from your bank / gbank / alts). This is definitely one of the key features of TSM as a whole and is something that as far as I can tell nobody has quite done before as completely. Also adding disenchanting to Shopping is on the radar for the next few days.

    So, stay tuned and let me know what you like / wish were better.