Any development news for TSM will be posted here! Posts will contain things like recently added features, announcements for new beta versions, what is coming in the near future, as well as general TSM-related news / commentary.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy 4.2 - TSM Works Fine

Just wanted to let everybody know that to the best of my knowledge TSM works fine with 4.2 as expected. I will be releasing some new beta versions tonight with updated TOC files so it won't show up as out of date and some of the lingering changes that are in alpha versions will be pushed to beta.

One tip: If you're not seeing any new recipes in Crafting (ie new pvp gear), type '/tsm', click on the appropriate profession icon, and it will scan that profession and update the recipes. You can also click on the "Force Rescan of Profession" button if you want to make sure it does a scan.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Still Alive! ...sort of

So, for these past few weeks I've been working on a big new feature that'll affect half of the current modules. Stay tuned for more info on this when it's closer to being complete, but it'll probably take me another few weeks. This time requirement is further extended by the fact that I just started a full-time job (I work on accounting software - go figure) so really don't have much time or will power to do much work on TSM during the week.

I'm still looking for more developers to help pickup the slack and even increase the speed at which new features are being added to TSM. I'd also be thrilled to see people who know how to code and have ideas for TSM to talk to me about their ideas and / or submit code for them. Of course you'd get credit for anything you do and for those people who stay on as "permanent" developers, your work will be rewarded ;)