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Monday, April 18, 2011

Lots of New Beta Versions

Just now, I release new beta versions of every module of TSM minus the main TSM addon. See the changelogs for a complete list of changes but I'll list a few things I feel are cool / useful additions.
  • Auctioning - "Smart group creation" option - This option can be found in the top "Options" page of the Auctioning options and is enabled by default. When you create a new group with this option enabled, any items in your bags who's names include the name of the group (for example "Scroll of Recall III" includes "Scroll of Recall" in its name) will be automatically added to the group. When you create the group you'll get a message in your chat log telling you that items were added (if they were).
  • Crafting - Inscription groups got updated / fixed. From a programming prespective, there were big changes here that included getting rid of the big look-up table for what group inscription crafts go into. This means, if a new glyph is added, it will go into the proper group without the addon having to be updated. Also, from a user perspective, a few new groups were added and rare inks were added to the "inks" group. The "Other" group should now be relatively small.
  • Crafting - Added a "Clear Tradeskill Filters" button that will show up when you have a filter set in your profession window (which causes some items to not show up in the craft queue).
  • Mailing - Lots of bugs were fixed and the code got a general cleaning.
  • Shopping - Disenchanting was implemented for dusts. See my post on this.
There are a lot of new things coming in the next few weeks. If all goes well, this will include a new module (Destroying) which will do milling / prospecting / disenchanting 40% faster than any addon / macro currently can by utilizing a few tricks. The tricks are nothing secret / nefarious but I can't describe them in two sentences so I will make a blog post describing these tricks when this module is released.

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