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Friday, April 22, 2011

AuctionDB - Big New Feature

Do you miss the summary page from QA3/APM/ZA? Well, the craft queue part of it went into the Crafting module, but a lot of people used it for something else as well that has so far been missing from TSM. I'm talking about the ability to quickly lookup the prices of ore / herbs / enchanting mats / raw gems / etc. Well, that functionality is coming to TSM as a part of the AuctionDB module.

What is this new feature?
Let me give you a few screenshots and some comments on how I see this feature being useful.

Well, there it is. A few things to note:
  • The items displayed are from the AuctionDB's scan data which is not necessarily what is currently on the AH. You can see how old the data is by looking at the "last scanned" column.
  • There is some configuration in the "Options" page which you will just have to see for yourself (pretty simple and straightforward - only a few basic options).
  • You can search by name ("glyph" in this example) and / or by item type / subtype (type is "Glyph" in this example and there is no subtype filter set).
  • There is a configurable limit to how many are displayed per page (50 by default) simply because loading 10k items on a single page would easily crash your client.
  • "Seen Last Scan (Yours)" is a new piece of data that's not really new at all. It's been part of AuctionDB for a long while but has never been easily accessible by the user. As an example, next to the last glyph in the screenshot, "Glyph of Solar Beam", it says "19 (4)" ("(4)" is in gold) which means last time that glyph was scanned (22 minutes ago in this screenshot), there were 19 of that glyph on the AH and 4 of them were owned by you (current toon or one of your alts on the same account).

This search is showing all enchanting mats sorted by item level.

This search is showing all "dream emerald" cuts (and the raw gem is also included). This may be useful for figuring out what to design to buy next.

I'm looking forward to seeing how people utilize this feature and that will guide the improvements that are made to it. The above examples are just some things I had in mind while designing it but by no means limit what this feature can do or become.

When is this feature being released?
Soon. More seriously though, this feature is essentially done and working and I may release it as an alpha version by the end of the day. However, it won't be released as beta until after a new beta version of the main TSM addon is released because there is new code in the main TSM addon that this new feature of AuctionDB requires. So, this will be released as soon as possible (we're talking days not weeks).

Let me know what you think and what you're ideas for improving it are!

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