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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Take the Good with the Bad

So I've been fairly busy over the last week and the time I have had to spend on TSM I've been spending on the new Accounting module. If you haven't already, read the first post in that thread and check it out. This module is the sort of coding I love. It takes one set of data that contains info on what you've sold / purchased recently and shows it in multiple different ways. I have big plans for this module such as being able to track how quickly you sell an item as well as other things. Eventually, Crafting will be able to use this data to allow you (or allow the restock queue) to make a much more informed decision about an item. One other thing is the Destroying module is still progressing towards release.

Now for the "bad". If you use Auctioneer, you may have noticed in the AuctionDB, Shopping, and Auctioning all have a "Block Auctioneer" type setting which basically prevents Auctioneer from doing it's scanning / processing on that module's scans and thus speeding up TSM's scans a ton. This is most important for AuctionDB scans because AuctionDB doesn't care about seller data and Auctioneer does. Seller data takes an extra bit of time to load after all the other data loads for a page of auctions. So, Auctioneer really slows down AuctionDBs scan because of this. Also with GetAll scans, Auctioneer will do its processing after a TSM GetAll scan which will slow down the client for a few min. Now, some people like this because they can do one scan and update both TSM and Auctioneer and that's why this is an option (those people would have the "block auctioneer" option off).

However, in the recent preview version, Auctioneer removed the ability completely for TSM to do queries without it knowing about them. So, after talking a bit with the Auctioneer devs, I found that there is an option in the settings under the "Search" tab of the AH that'll prevent Auctioneer from doing it's processing on non-Auctioneer scans which is a decent solution. The only remaining problem (which will hopefully be addressed by the Auctioneer devs soon), is that this setting doesn't apply to GetAll scans and there's currently no way to stop Auctioneer from doing its processing after a GetAll scan.

So, I have made some changes in the latest alpha versions of Auctioning/Shopping/AuctionDB that, if you have the "Block Auctioneer" option turned on, will turn off Auctioneer's scanning using this option while TSM is scanning and then return the setting to whatever value it was previously set to after the scanning is complete.

So, what does this mean for you? If you don't use Auctioneer or don't use the "block auctioneer" options in TSM, nothing. If you did use this option for AuctionDB to prevent Auctioneer from doing it's processing after TSM's getall scans, that will no longer work. My hope is just to make Auctioneer and TSM work well side by side as I know a lot of people use both.

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  1. I couldn't find this option under the search tab to be honest - I'm finding the scan is now taking about 20 minutes. It is quicker to use the slow scan which takes about 3 or 4 minutes.


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